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Relocating to any part of the world is easier with a reliable international mover. We offer you quality international moving by air and any other service you may require. Move with International Moving Company to any part of the world, no matter where you hail from, and we will make sure everything goes smoothly.

Need a Good Air Freight Service? We Will Provide International Moving by Air That Fits Your Needs

Relocating on itself is not easy, even if your move is a local one. But moving internationally is a far more complex and demanding process that an experienced partner should back up. That’s where our company steps in. Although relocating by air is not a common choice because it’s a pricier solution, our customers decide to use it for several reasons. If you want safety and, above all, swiftness, this is the right option to pick. It’s usually an option selected by businesses who are transferring abroad, but it is also available for all the other customers that find it suitable.

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The price of international moving services is not low, and choosing the air freight service is the most expensive option. However, it comes with numerous advantages and is by far the most convenient way to relocate to another part of the world. Our pricing is always transparent, and there are no hidden fees attached to the offer. The shipment that is prepared for air freight shipping gets estimated by its volumetric weight. At the same time, the other factor is the distance from the country of origin (no matter if it’s the US or any other country) to the destination. Volumetric weight is calculated by measuring the length, height, and width of the shipment.

Choose the Insurance for Air Freight

Every move brings its levels of stress and tension, and that is why we strive to offer our customers any possible solution to get rid of unnecessary worrying. One of the solutions we have in mind is a suitable insurance policy. You can pick between two different options and choose the one that suits both your needs and your budget. The Minimum Liability Coverage covers $0.60 per lbs of a damaged object, and it is included in your move at no additional cost.

If you are worried about your more valuable items, the basic policy is not suitable, and that is why our company advises our customers to invest in Full Replacement Coverage. For an additional price, it will cover each item that is shipped to its total value. You can decide between a deductible of $500, $1,000, or $1,500, and it will be subtracted from the full claim. You should add any possessions with a value over $1,000 to be included in the coverage policy. We emphasize the necessity of this type of insurance because going through an exam at the customs usually means that your shipment will receive some damage.

We Offer Different Shipping Services for Moving Overseas by Air

Choosing to relocate overseas and start a new life in entirely different surroundings takes a lot of organizing and logistics. Each of our customers has a lot to take care of, like focusing on finding a job in a new country or searching for an appropriate house. That is why we offer various services to ease the transition. You can pick among these services:


  • Packing service. When it comes to handling any type of object, we are happy to tell you that our team is trained and vetted for packing all of your households. From delicates to bulky furniture, each item will be safe in our hands and adequately secured for freight shipping.
  • Custom crating. Our customers usually require us to take special care when handling more valuable objects. That is why we offer custom crating services, where our professional carpenters take the measure of each valuable and create a perfect fit wooden crate.
  • Overseas vehicle shipping service. Most of our customers wish to take their vehicle when they relocate, and that’s why we offer to take your car with the rest of your belongings to the desired destination.
  • Storage service. Our units are free of charge for the first 30 days of storing your goods. This is usually enough time for settling into a new home before your possessions arrive.


No matter which of our different solutions you see fit for your move, we will do our best to back you up all the way to your new home. Our door-to-door shipping, at an additional cost, will make sure your relocation is even more convenient. You can contact us, and we’ll give you a free estimate, as well as answer any questions.

Keep in Mind That There are Certain Restrictions When It Comes to Shipping by Air

There’s one more important distinction between an overseas and interstate shipment. There may be some restrictions that you will need to follow when entering a foreign country. Some nations have certain rules about importing specific objects. Before you start packing up, you should contact the embassy of your desired destination and get properly informed. This way, you’ll avoid paying any extra fees.

Need to Relocate by Air? Relocating With Us Is Always a Wise Choice

If you are looking for international movers that will make a relocation from any part of the world to another country smooth and easy, you should look no further. International Moving Company has years of experience in the relocating business, and we always aim to be the best out there. With the help we provide, even such a significant change, as relocating abroad can go without any fuss. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we have the means to handle everything and transport you to a new home in a timely manner.

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