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Oversized Freight

Getting ready to move can be a long-lasting process, especially if you have oversized freight that needs shipping. Contact the International Moving Company to help you transport cargo of any size, and your overseas move will go smoothly.

The International Moving Company Can Haul Your Oversize and Heavy Cargo

Our company prides itself on high-quality transportation and shipping services. We can pack anything for you, but more importantly, we will always handle everything with care. Even bulky and heavy items require special handling, and we’re no strangers to working with all types of cargo and any weight of the load. 


We do find it essential to inform you that, while moving overseas by air sounds fancier and faster, it doesn’t make logistical sense when it comes to hauling heavy shipments. This is why we transport oversize loads by sea on our wide ocean carriers.

What Is Oversized Freight?

We consider oversized freight to be everything that can’t fit into a standard container. While it’s great to think outside the box, how great is it to pack outside it? In our case, we find it to be great no matter what, but we also have to tell you what’s oversize freight. That would be:


  • Vehicles (cars, boats, yachts, buses, and alike,)
  • Heavy machinery and equipment,
  • Generators,
  • Anything that’s at least 8 feet wide,
  • Anything that can’t fit into a 40-foot container.

In addition, the Federal government deems an oversized freight to be a vehicle or shipment wider than 8-feet 6 inches and weighing over 80,000 pounds. This means you can hire our company to ship and transport anything you want; just contact us and tell us all about your shipment.

How Does Oversize Freight Shipping Work?

As we already mentioned, an oversize shipment is transported by ocean carriers. While it takes more time when items are shipped this way, it’s much safer and cheaper in return. Because our containers are all specific in size, you have to provide the exact measurements of your oversize load. You can get an estimated cost for the service by filling out the free quote form on our website and contacting us if the object you want to send is specific in size or weight.

Consider paying extra for moving insurance on your heavy items, too. While a quote can help you determine the basic cost or overseas shipping, it can’t guarantee that you wouldn’t need to add an additional payment for keeping your stuff safe. Large loads are usually quite expensive, so it’d be good to insure it with the full value replacement insurance on time.

Freight Shipping Methods

When you’re moving overseas, you can expect to see your shipment off from one of our ports in the West and East Coast of the USA, depending on your location and destination. We have options for transportation methods, so you will know about the logistics of shipping your items, as well as the equipment we use.

We commonly use the method called lift-on-lift-off, also known as LoLo. This is a way of loading and unloading freight that uses an onboard crane as the main part of the equipment. While this method is generally used when we load containers on the carrier, it’s also applied to heavy machinery and other bulky items.

There’s also the so-called RoRo method, which stands for roll-on-roll-off. Typically it’s used for vehicles, which get rolled onto the carrier’s deck and transported without a container. This type of method might end up costing less, but the vehicle you ship will be exposed to the elements during travel, and it may not be the ideal thing if you love your car.

Finally, there’s the flat rack method that we tend to use for shipping boats and heavy machinery. A flat rack is a kind of container without a roof and sides; these sides can or can’t be removed, which is another thing to consider when looking for a free quote and learning about our shipment types.

Edit Your Inventory List if You See Any of These Forbidden Items

Generally, movers have a list of items they don’t ship, whether by legal regulation or company rules. The same goes for international movers. Most cargo that isn’t allowed to ship is similar for country-wide and overseas moving, so it matters what sort of load you want to send off.

Flammable and Hazardous Materials Are Not Acceptable Loads

Flammable items are typically aerosol cans and pressurized containers; cleaning chemicals are hazardous for several reasons. If they overheat or get in touch with other dangerous loads, they can cause irreversible damage nobody wishes to deal with. So, these items should be left behind. Your international moving services wouldn’t pay off if you wanted to pack them.

You Can't Ship Live Animals and Plants

It’s technically illegal to ship a live animal across the ocean. Depending on the type of animal, whether wild or domestic, it’s vital to research regulations and rules of US customs and the destination country’s customs too. Animals are a tricky load to deal with, and they’d always be only your responsibilityThe carrier and the international mover cannot guarantee its safety or security, partly because of a lack of essential equipment for transportation of such loads. You can contact us either way for more information on possible ways to get your pet onto a vehicle.

Weapons Are Not Welcome Loads on Ocean Carriers

Just like animals, weapons aren’t a suitable load for moving internationally, either. Not only is there the potential risk of them firing, overheating, and causing havoc, but they may be entirely illegal in other nations. For some countries, weapons could be borderline offensive. This is why our moving company can’t help if you want to ship this type of cargo, but we can advise you on what to pack and what to leave behind.

Hire the International Moving Company to Help You Pack

No matter how big or small your shipment is, whether you have bulky, oversized cargo or just several boxes ready to go, our packing and moving services guarantee a good and trustworthy relocation. Our goal is to see each customer satisfied with our service while simultaneously learning about our transportation methods, equipment, and logistics of their move. Because we’re open and consider communication an integral part of being a good business, we feel you should know all about our methods and technology. It’s time to move with the International Moving Company.

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