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Moving overseas sounds like a lot of work. The logistics of relocating to a new country or continent can indeed be too much to bear sometimes, from packing to choosing between international moving by sea or by air. However, for those problems, we recommend getting help from professional international movers.

Let International Moving Company Ship Your Belongings Overseas

We at International Moving Company continuously work on improving our services and ensuring that every customer we get sees the advantages of hiring us immediately. Our mission is to make overseas relocation a piece of cake for anyone who wants to do it and ensure each customer’s belongings are secure and taken care of. For international moving services we offer two options – shipping by sea or shipping by air.

The Pros of International Shipping by Sea

Here, we’ll look at the benefits of transporting your items by an ocean freight carrier service. Between this and air carriers, ocean shipping is the cheaper way to ship your belongings to a different country. There are three types of containers to choose from, which are all perfectly secure. If you use ocean freight shipping, your stuff will stay completely intact.


The only downside to shipping by sea is that it takes longer than air transportation. Still, if you contact us for help a few weeks in advance, we’ll make sure to ship your stuff at an appropriate time. That way, you can think about other tasks and logistics of the move and stay confident that you’ll see your things in the same shape as they were sent in. You may get an estimated delivery time when you try to get a free quote on our website.

Contact International Moving Company for Overseas Shipping Services

Our company likes to combine experts’ skills and training with our customers’ demands and ensure they come together and never clash. If there’s any service we cannot provide or anything we cannot transport, you’ll know about it as soon as you deliver an inventory list of items for shipment. Contact International Moving Company for relocation service and let us help you.

Our Prices are Competitive and Reflective of the Work We Do

You can rest assured that the service prices you get from us before relocating stay the same throughout the entire process. There aren’t hidden fees and additional costs that come up in the middle of the move. This is why our prices are competitive and reflective of our investment and effort to make everything smooth sailing, especially with ocean freight carriers. Additionally, visit our website and find the free quote option, where you can see an estimation of your relocation costs, with all services included.

International Moving Company's Overseas Freights are Reliable and Safe

The ocean carriers we use are sturdy, reliable, and safe. They travel continuously and transport cargo for people worldwide, without ever causing damage or getting damaged themselves. On them, we have three potential types of loads – shared, smaller or full containers. They’re all different in type and price, designed for every need.

The Types of Freights and Containers We Use

Depending on your cargo and requirements, you can opt for packing your belongings into one of three possible types of containers for shipment. They’re sometimes different in size, but they’re more often different by how they’re transported.

Groupage Containers

You can opt for a shared container, otherwise known as a groupage container. Here, you can have all your household items packed in one crate and sent within the same container as other crates going to the same destination. This option is an economically wise choice while still being as safe as any. Containers are sealed shut after loading, so the crates inside them don’t get struck by the elements either way.

Less Container Load

If you don’t need to transport too many items to a new country or simply don’t have that much to pack, opting for a less container load or LCL is the right choice for you. This type of shipment isn’t transported the same as the ones within groupage containers, but rather, it’s shipped faster than those. Of course, this service comes at a different price, but it’s perfect if you’re low on cargo.

Full Container Load

If you need to move your entire home across the ocean, then full container loads, or FCL, are just the thing for you. This is where you get a container all to yourself, and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be full to get shipped. However, having an inventory list and being mindful of the amount of stuff you have will allow you to pick the appropriate container size for your shipment. The FCL can be loaded at your home, but movers will more often load it at the warehouse.

Movers are Experts in Handling Cargo

As mentioned above, we offer a free quote for shipping prices and ensure that every part of the move goes smoothly. If you contact us for the FCL option, our movers will pack your things and handle them with the utmost care. However, you can get packing services and either way if you need them.

You Can Get Stellar Packing Services, Too

Any professional international mover knows how cargo is loaded onto the ocean carriers, so they know precisely how to pack your belongings, so they’re fully protected during the trip. If you let them do their thing with the packing services, you’ll be left free of too many relocation-related commitments. You’ll only work to find out more about your new destination country and mentally prepare for living internationally.

Move Overseas With International Moving Company and Feel Good

Moving internationally can be stressful, so it matters a lot how the process goes. The decision itself is a big thing, and we think it’s great that you’re looking for a change of pace and new experiences. This is the reason why International Moving Company provides relocation service in the first place – we want to help people be happier and see relocation not only as a good thing but as being effortless, too.

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