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Packing Service

Moving might sound great until the time to pack comes. Understandably, if you care about most of your household items, you’ll probably want to move them carefully, but it’s hard to do it alone. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire professional packing services to get the job done.

The International Moving Company Takes Care of All Your Relocation Needs

Packaging can seem even more dreadful if you’re moving internationally. Preparing your things for such a long trip at the same time as getting mentally ready to live overseas in a new home can become too much, too fast. However, if you contact the International Moving Company, there’ll be significantly fewer stressful days ahead because our experts know how to help people get ready for moving.

Pack With the Best International Moving Services

No matter where you’re relocating or how many things you want to bring, we’re here to help. With our standard moving services, you can have your furniture disassembled and assembled, packaging supplies ready to go, and everything packed with care and attention, and all in one day. Our fees are competitive and reliable – we offer a free quote on our website and fixed prices based on your inventory list. Everything else can be sorted out the way you want, and according to our policies.

Professional Packing Service

Our movers know that packaging is the most important and most stressful part of relocation day, which is why they always handle both sturdy and delicate items with care. It might take a while for you to learn how to combine efficiency, speed, and quality when packing at home, but our movers are trained to do just that. There’s no need to worry about anything getting damaged or wasting time if you contact relocation experts for help.

What You Get With Our Packing Services

When you hire International Moving Company’s movers for packaging, you can expect our team to bring supplies, drive the transportation truck and pack everything you want from your home. You can choose between three packaging options – standard, full and partial packaging.

Our team will know what they need to pack because of the inventory list you’ll provide before the packaging process. This means you’ll be taking some time to make a checklist at home and help them know which supplies to prepare – like how many boxes they need and if there are any items they have to put in a custom crate. Your part in the moving process is significant, too.

Standard Packing Service

With standard packaging, our team will bring boxes, blankets, and all other supplies and take care of all the furniture you want to bring by putting it apart if necessary. They’ll load the relocation truck in the most optimal way for transport, so nothing gets damaged or collides during the trip. The only thing they won’t do for you is unpacking the boxes – we feel that’s personal, and you need to do it on your terms.

You Can Get Other Packing Services, Too

Besides standard, there are two other packaging options to choose from, and they are full and partial packaging. They’re slightly different in price and amount of boxes, but they’re very beneficial whether you’re relocating on a small or a large scale. We guess that moving overseas might be a more large-scale event, but that’s really up to you and your new home preferences.

Pack Your Valuables In Custom Crates

Suppose you need to bring priceless items that mean a lot to you but are worried about how they’ll handle the shipping process, fear not. We provide custom boxes and crates that can fit items of any shape and size. Of course, this comes at a price, but it’s nevertheless a worthwhile investment if you have something worth bringing to your new home.

The Difference Between Full and Partial Packing Services

As we mentioned, besides standard packaging services, you can get a full packaging service and a partial packaging service. We also said that they’re slightly different, but here we’ll explore exactly how.


The partial packaging service comes for an additional cost, but it’s worth it if you want to be in some control over your items. Professional movers will provide the supplies, but they’ll only package up to fifteen boxes for you. The rest is up to you.


The full packaging service allows you to rest and relax while allowing a team of movers to pack everything. When we say everything, we mean all your cargo that can be packed into more than fifteen storage boxes. This service is slightly pricier than the partial one, but it’ll let you spend the day worrying about other important things at home.

Store Your Stuff With Our International Movers

Just in case you realize that your stuff has reached its new destination a day or two too soon, and you require a quiet storage space to keep it there, International Moving Company has got you covered. Instead of unpacking and waiting for the right moment with all your things out like at a flea market, we can offer you spotless and professional storage units to keep all your boxes in.


This storage service is a part of our international relocation service, and our company is more than proud of how we take care of our safe-keeping of storage units. Not only that, but you’ll save yourself the unnecessary unpacking until the day it has to be done. You can store your stuff free for a certain period, too, and ensure that your overseas relocation starts on a budget and just the way you like it to.

Relocate In Style With International Moving Company

Once you decide you’re a part of the international mover club, nothing will be the same for you. You’ll experience new faces and new places, see things you dreamed of and learn more about the world than you ever have from a textbook. However, relocation is a serious business and often causes lots of anxiety. Hiring a professional relocation company to take care of packaging could be a life-changer. That way, when you start unpacking, you’ll only be thinking about the great things to come.

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