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When we’re moving, it can become difficult to predict every part of the process. Whatever we try to plan could turn out differently every so often, which is why it matters to have a backup plan. The International Moving Company offers storage services precisely for those unpredictable times.

The International Moving Company Has the Best Storage Services Out There

Besides excellent competitive prices and stellar moving services, our company prides itself on having clean and safe storage facilities to keep our clients’ things safe. Whether you’ve packed your home in a hurry or weeks in advance, there will be times when you’ll require storing space, like in the following cases:


  • You sent out your furniture and other household items too early into the moving process,
  • There’s an issue or a delay with your next accommodation,
  • Your new home has less free space for furniture than you anticipated,
  • You changed your mind about some of the packed items in the meantime.

These are just a few of the reasons why people need storage service as an integral part of their move, and we recommend that you consider it when you start planning for your move, too. Who knows what might happen along the way, but one thing is certain – with us, you’ll always have a place to store your belongings.

How Our Storage Services Work When Moving Overseas

Being an international mover company, we understand that traveling and relocating overseas feels much more different and not as easy as a cross-country move. Having a Plan B for your endeavors is a good idea. Fortunately, we can offer options B and C with our safe-keeping facilities.


You can pack your belongings at home and leave them to the movers to take to the warehouse until it’s time to move out. You can let them ship out and stay at a warehouse closest to your destination. These options are flexible and allow you to plan out the process and remain in control of it.

Location Is Everything When Storing Your Precious Valuables

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You Can Use Storage Units In the US

You can choose the option to store belongings within the US borders in one of our warehouses. They are typically on the West or East Coast because they’re closer to the ocean carrier that will ship your stuff initially. It’s best for us to store everything closer to our departure point because loading containers onto the carriers can take some time. We’ve organized our service like this so everyone can have it easier.


As soon as you move out to a new country, you can let us know when you need your stuff out of the units, and we’ll send it at the first available time and date, that additionally wouldn’t have you waiting for too long. It’s best to store your belongings closer to you if you have something valuable or important in the packaging. It might make you feel safer and provide peace of mind.

You Can Also Use Storage Units Outside of the US

If you’re eager to have your stuff shipped out and move, but something comes up in the meantime, you can also opt for safekeeping it in our facilities abroad. Each continent has a designated storage area, typically a harbor city, where our carrier can pull up and unload all the containers safely. 


This is important for various reasons – customs wouldn’t allow us to send anyone’s belongings to a place that wasn’t rightfully designated by the companies involved in transit. Additionally, because we’re here to provide safety and professional service, we don’t want just to leave your things anywhere. You can contact us for a shipment tracking number and check where your stuff is anytime.

Everything You Pack Is Safe With Our International Movers

We have another way of keeping your things safe, and that’s inventory control. When your stuff gets placed into a warehouse, they’re labeled with specific barcodes. This way, when we search for your furniture, we won’t have to dig around and open every container (which is unsafe and unprofessional), but we’ll know exactly where everything is. This is not only easy for us, but it’s easy for you, too – everything you send to storage is labeled with its code, and therefore unlikely to get lost or misplaced. You can trust us to have everything under control.

Is Everything You Want to Bring Allowed At Your Destination?

This is an important thing to note because certain cargo and items cannot be shipped internationally. There’s stuff that both international and cross-country movers aren’t allowed and won’t move, and those are typically hazardous items that could cause some form of damage in transit.

Anything flammable, chemical, and potentially risky (such as weapons) isn’t allowed on carriers. It’s best that you check your destination country’s rules and regulations about what can be shipped across international waters.

Types of Cargo and Moving Insurance We Offer

Besides getting storing service, you can get moving insurance on all your packed items. Typically, we offer mandatory liability coverage, that’s 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. However, if you have furniture that you feel should be repaid in full in case of damage, you can use the full value replacement insurance. We recommend this one simply because you’d sleep better at night.

The types of cargo we carry can be anything you imagine – from your boat or car to the furniture that’s been in your family for years. We understand the importance of sentimental value, and if there’s anything you’re attached to, let us know so we can prepare for packing it appropriately. We provide custom crating for anything you find extremely valuable, too.

Use Free Storage Service for a Certain Time

If everything so far sounded great, we can top it with more – an integral part of our international moving services is that we provide safekeeping facilities for free. You can pack and store everything for up to a month in our storing space, all free of charge. Even if the first month passes, you’ll still get incredibly affordable prices that match the level of service we like to provide to our customers.

Let the Best Moving Company Store and Protect Your Cargo

If you plan on moving internationally and get nervous about it, we got you covered. The logistics of packing, moving, and planning everything out can become too much too soon, and that’s something we have a cure for. Because we know how overwhelming it is just to move your life to a new country, we’re here to help you cope with the stress by handling the most difficult parts. The great thing about storage service is that nothing has to be rushed when your belongings are packed and safe. They’ll just be waiting for you and the moment you get ready to start unpacking.

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